The photographer who i shoot with the most, and is conveniently one of my best’est mates is Barney, from Barney Walters Photography. We shoot around 5 or so weddings together a year, and it does make everything about the shoot that much easier, from the travel/premier inn (my second home) the night before, through to our mostly non-verbal communication through the day to give the heads up or signal; a few independent parties have labelled us ‘the dream team’ but we’ll leave that for you to decide. So yes, i shot alongside bman for this one.

I’d never been to Bore Place before, and with it being in Kent, it was a good 5 hours of nattering with Barney on the drive up. The venue itself is a lovely country house for the wedding party to stay/get ready in, combined with a separate blank canvas of a barn for the meal/party. Ruth & Simon had dressed the barn beautifully with bunting and wild flowers, and having made bunting for my own wedding, i appreciate a good bunting when i sees it. The country theme was topped off with an evening Ceilidh (if that’s how you spell it), which always gets people going. Check out the highlights clip!

Thank you so much for the video. I can’t tell you how much Dan and I enjoyed watching it back. We did exactly as you said, no phones, a large glass of wine and enjoyed the film. So, so brilliant. We can’t thank you enough. We’re hoping to host a ‘screening’ this weekend with all our family who we know are equally dying to watch it!

Bocconoc House will always be a special venue to me, as it’s where I filmed my first wedding around 10 years (!!) ago, at the tender age of 20. That film was my main promotional piece for years, and even though i’ve filmed around 450 weddings since, I remember every single detail about the day, (mainly my nerves), and every detail about the film. Anywho. Present day. This time around is was Beth & Dans turn to host their wedding at Boconnoc, and they did it in style. It’s one of those venues that is far from the blank canvas that other couples desire, the canvas is what it is, and you’d be crazy to change anything about this stately home with a contemporary twist.

I was working alongside the lovely photographer, Debs Ivelja, who i’ve been working with for years now, even though a few years may pass without seeing each other, it’s always a lovely surprise to see her smiley face on the morning of a wedding. The weather on the day was mainly sunny and dry, but whenever we needed it to be dry, there would be an almighty shower (i.e walking to the onsite church, trying todo the confetti, trying todo group photos etc etc), then when everyone was inside the sun would pop back out. Ideal.

I remember music being important to both Beth & Dan, so they had not 1 but 2 bands. One stands out in my memory, The Juke Joints, who walked about during the meal and did a very energetic unplugged, naturally everyone downed tools and jumped up on the tables. I hope the clips in the highlights video do the energy of that justice.

This was my first wedding where the couple shared the same name, John & John. So simple, it got confusing. For differentiation, I took to them being American John, and English John. It also made for rather fun vowels; “Do you John, take you John to be your lawfully wedding husband, I do, thank you John, Do you John, take you John to be your lawfully wedding husband, i do, thank you John!” Then to keep the theme running, John’s (American John’s that is)dad was called John (Senior), and John’s (English John’s) best man was called John (Well, actually Jon, but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story). How fun!

Names to one side, it was a beautiful day with a very gentle and kind couple. The Saville Club is one of these Ancient (18th century to be more precise) private members clubs, where the elegant handprinted wallpaper is adorned with dusty portraits of the London gentry of times past. Any who, it made for a good spot for a knees up to celebrates the John’s nuptials. Check out the highlights clip!

With this not being the first time i’d filmed a wedding at the Asylum, i was excited to be going back. It’s got this magical dusty light which comes through superbly on video, setting a somewhat etherial vibe. When Flo enquired, i was a little hesitant about saying ‘yes’ before chatting to my wife first. The isn’t standard protocol, no, it was because Flo & Tom were getting married on the due date of our third child. My wife Emily didn’t hesitate to say ‘oh yes film their wedding’ which i thought was because she knows how much my work means to me, and there is only a 5% chance of even going into labour on your due date, but actually she didn’t hesitate to say yes because apparently i make a rubbish birthing partner. I digress. Tom & Flo were having a VERY last minute wedding, enquiring just a month or so before the big day, this was because Flo’s father was really unwell, and they brought the wedding forward in a hope that he’d be able to attend the wedding. Although Flo’s father is no longer with us, i’m so pleased that he was able to join us on the day and is forever immortalised in their joyous video.

The day itself was magical. It was a crisp blue January day, and Flo & Tom tied the knot at The Asylum in Peckham, then we all went on to celebrate at Brunswick House, a quirky antique filled Georgian mansion in the centre of London, complete with wine cellar come basement party.

“We’ll be recommending you to the world and his dog! Thank you so much for our beautiful film, we adore it!”

A June wedding, at Cowdray House, shooting along side Photographer Matthew long, how could i say no? Having worked alongside Matt in the past, he’d kindly pointed Babi & Tom in my direction, and i was very pleased that he did. Barbara & Tom both got ready at Cowdray, which always makes life logistically a little easier for me as i can simply flit between rooms and capture the morning from both the bride and grooms perspective.

It was one of those ‘proper summer’ days, when you wake up in the morning to a still warmth, and you know that you will not see a single cloud in the sky all day. Such a blessing to have your wedding on a day like that. It was the first time i’d shot at Cowdray House, and i could certainly see why couples choose it, it’s a very grand 500 year old tudor mansion with beautiful grounds (all 16,500 acres!). The day was a fusion of British meets Brazilian, with Barbara’s family coming from Brazil, although it wasn’t until the evening party did the Brazilian flare ‘reveal’ itself.