Hey, I’m Mike. I live in the little surf town Newquay with my wife and cats (I’m not a crazy cat lady). Fuelled by coffee and love for the surf, this is my paradise. As a retiring athlete at the age of 25 I knew that my next career had to be something that I was passionate about, and would let my creative side show.  I was a professional skier and filming and editing was something I did for fun to document the adventures I was having. When this came to an end the opportunity arose to film a wedding and I haven’t looked back since. I genuinely love filming weddings! I always try to show the fun and energy of the day in my videos. I see a wedding as one of the  most fun days of your life and I do every thing i can to capture this. I now film weddings for a living and feel extremely lucky to do so. I like to keep it simple, I use two cameras (people usually think I’m a photographer), I film documentary style and let things flow naturally with the odd request for a kiss (the couple, not me).