A wedding at Bore Place, Kent

The photographer who i shoot with the most, and is conveniently one of my best’est mates is Barney, from Barney Walters Photography. We shoot around 5 or so weddings together a year, and it does make everything about the shoot that much easier, from the travel/premier inn (my second home) the night before, through to our mostly non-verbal communication through the day to give the heads up or signal; a few independent parties have labelled us ‘the dream team’ but we’ll leave that for you to decide. So yes, i shot alongside bman for this one.

I’d never been to Bore Place before, and with it being in Kent, it was a good 5 hours of nattering with Barney on the drive up. The venue itself is a lovely country house for the wedding party to stay/get ready in, combined with a separate blank canvas of a barn for the meal/party. Ruth & Simon had dressed the barn beautifully with bunting and wild flowers, and having made bunting for my own wedding, i appreciate a good bunting when i sees it. The country theme was topped off with an evening Ceilidh (if that’s how you spell it), which always gets people going. Check out the highlights clip!